Not managing debt can cost you money.

When your assets and liabilities are spread across an array of financial products and accounts — credit cards, personal loans, mortgage, lines of credit — you can lose a significant amount of cash to a variety of high-interest rates. This potentially troublesome situation is of particular interest and importance today as rising interest rates are increasing loan payments and affecting the overall costs of borrowing money.

“Whatever your family’s financial situation, there are times when borrowing money becomes an important option,” explains Brent Thomas, Casera Credit Union’s CEO. “Casera offers a range of affordable choices.”

In this period of higher interest rates, there are steps you can take to manage your debt load:

1.  Pay down as much debt as possible with the highest rate of interest first. Less debt means you’ll be in a position to pay it off more quickly.

2.  Find ways of increasing your income to help pay down the debt.

3.  Build an emergency fund to cope with unplanned expenses.

4. Consider a consolidation loan to reduce your debt load and improve your cash flow. At Casera, you can acquire a 5-year FIXED term personal loan for 4.99% (limited time offer). For more information, call or drop by your neighbourhood branch today, or apply online at