Invest in your financial well-being.

Every year, more of us struggle to meet our financial commitments. Many of us carry high debt and don’t even have access to basic emergency savings. In fact, Canadian households are devoting less of their disposable income to savings than ever before. Our debt-to-disposable income ratio is at an all-time high.

Whatever form debt takes — credit cards, student loans, mortgage, rent, lines of credit or car payments — it can add a lot of stress.

Aside from the obvious worry and anxiety, high debt stress can also manifest itself physically, from ulcers and digestive issues to higher blood pressure and heart rate. It can even have an impact on your memory, sleep, mood, and immune system. Chronic financial stress can also result in higher reports of workplace absenteeism and diminished workplace performance and can cause (or add to) anxiety and depression.

If you are one of the many Canadians struggling with debt, there are resources to help. Before holiday spending starts, take charge of your finances so that you can reduce your day-to-day stress levels and live a healthier life. Talk to the financial specialists at Casera Credit Union. We can provide you with information and resources, including access to a highly trained credit and debt counsellor who will confidentially review your finances with you, explore all your options and find the best solution for your situation. Best of all, the service is free.

Sources: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Credit Counselling Society, and Casera Credit Union.