Casera Leadership Award presented for social activism and environmental stewardship.

Casera is honoured to present its 2017 Community Leadership Award to Wilma Sotas. Wilma received her award at the credit union’s 65th Annual General Meeting on April 18.

A retired teacher, Wilma continues to be a force for environmental education and stewardship of the Seine River. She actively serves on the board of Save Our Seine (SOS), a non-profit environmental group tasked with protecting the river’s 27 meandering kilometres through St. Vital and St. Boniface. Her dedicated concern helped with the development of the organization’s rain garden project at the corner of St. Mary’s Road and Fermor Avenue, just south of the Superstore parking lot.

Wilma’s advocacy for the environment also extends to her founding membership in OURS (Outdoor Urban Recreational Spaces), a group formed to save the city’s municipal golf courses from residential and commercial development. She also helped create the Institute for International Women’s Rights and is active in Grands ‘n’ More Winnipeg, a circle of grandmothers and others committed to assisting grandmothers and their grandchildren affected by AIDS and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa under the auspices of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

“Wilma is an ideal choice for a Casera Community Award, and we’re so pleased that her colleagues at Save Our Seine nominated her,” explains Brent Thomas, Casera’s CEO. “Her longtime commitment to social and environmental issues epitomizes community leadership, and we’re proud to honour her.”

In accepting her award, Wilma said she was humbled to receive the Casera Community Leadership Award. “It’s an honour to receive this lovely award, but my recognition is because I’m standing on the shoulders of so many other people who have been part of SOS since its inception almost 30 years ago.”

The Casera Community Awards recognize deserving volunteers and groups that provide leadership and enrichment to our communities. For next year’s award, please consider nominating an individual or organization that makes a difference in your neighbourhood.